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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Aug 25, 2013

     It is Sunday morning and we are just leaving the farm to go to the local zoo with Sarah and Aleida for the day. Things have been very busy over the last couple months with harvesting in full swing as well as the ongoing weeding and seeding each week. Last week I planted the final outdoor seedings of late fall vegetables. Tomorrow we will transplant the final nappa and lettuce plantings of the season. Except for the coldframe and greenhouse crops, we are basically finished with planting for this growing season.
     Most of the stone fruit has been harvested now, We have a few peaches left on the trees as well as some blue prune plums. Cherries are all picked now. We have a few pears picked with lots to go. Apples are just starting and the crop looks good.
     The summer weather has been great for most crops here. We are in the middle of tomato picking now. The next exciting crop to mature will be the melons. I hope to be picking red, yellow, and orange watermelons within the week. I noticed on Friday that we have a few winter squash that are ready as well. The squash crop looks good.
     This past week we began to harvest the shallots for drying and storage. Red onions will be next. The red onions and shallots look fantastic this year thanks to the weather. Last year we had a miserable crop of onions and had almost nothing to put in the CSA boxes during the winter. Lots of onions this winter.
     I'm leaving for the zoo. Have a good week.

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