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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday May 12, 2013

     This rain that we have been receiving over the last couple of days is a welcome sight. It has been very sunny and dry for over two weeks now without a break. I suspect that not only the vegetables but also the weeds are doing very well under the row covers. Tomorrow looks like a good day to hand weed and hoe under the row covers.
     If you have been active on the CSA over the last few weeks you hopefully noticed that we are now full on into greens production. The unheated coldframes are mostly empty now and are being replanted with summer crops like tomatoes, chinese long beans, ginger root, basils, and callaloo. This past week we picked salad greens, radishes, baby pac choi, mizuna, and other Asian greens outside under the row covers. I seeded all of these crops on March 29. I noticed yesterday that the snap peas under the covers are in bud and will be blooming later this week. This is really exciting for me but I might not be completely normal.
     Most of the root vegetables are gone or almost gone for the season now. This will make the CSA boxes largely comprised of greens for the next five or six weeks. I hope to have rhubarb this coming week and we still have some apples. Radishes and hakurei turnips and pac choi will be fairly common this month as well. Stir fried pac choi with garlic tastes great.
     The next major crops that will be coming will be the peas. Snap peas, shelling peas, and snow peas will be starting in just over a month. I have both green and yellow beans up and about three inches high under row covers in the field. Unless disaster strikes (big frost), the beans should follow the peas by about a week. Until then I hope that people like salad and stir fry dishes; or at least pretend that they do.
     The farm is very busy now. This is a blatant lie. The farm is completely crazy with so many crops in the ground, so many crops being planted, and much harvesting to do. We have started the farmers market in Lunenburg last week (three years now) and we still operate at the Saturday morning Farmers market at the brewery in Halifax. The CSA is at our capacity and seems to be going well.
     In terms of fruits, our cherry trees are post bloom, plums and peaches are in bloom, and some apples are showing pink tip of blossoms. All the small fruits like currants, blueberries, and gooseberries have leafed out and are growing rapidly.
     Have a good week.

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