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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Saturday Jul 7, 2012

     It is late on saturday evening and I thought I better pen a quick newsletter because some people might think that I'm not around anymore or that maybe I don't exist in real life. It is early july and everything is growing very fast and there are many different crops maturing and my little brain feels really full right now. We started picking green and yellow beans yesterday which we will pick again for the CSA this week. Eggplants and peppers are in blossom and are starting to set fruit. I ate a few sungold cherry tomatoes a couple days ago and they are coming soon as well. Overall the vegetable crops look very promising with no major disasters. I have a couple of fields that are a bit embarrassing with weed pressure but that should be cleaned up soon. All of the seasonal employees are now working which is great. Debra and I and the little kids are going to keji for a few days this week for some vacation. I'll be commuting back and forth a bit but should have some down time as well.I have a fantastic group of people working on the farm this season. Many are long term with a couple of new people this year. Several of them have enough experience that I actually feel kind of comfortable leaving for a few days in july. This is evidence of good employees because I'm a bit obsessive. Debra says that there is nothing in my head but vegetable stuff. I call that "focused."
     There should be heads of lettuce in the boxes this week. Strawberries will hopefully make it again if there is enough. Along with the string beans we might toss a few broad beans in as well. These are big and kind of lumpy beans that are shelled and cooked like lima beans. Zucchini and scallopini squash will be regular additions to the boxes for the next little while. There is a lot of fruit that is ripening and close to ripening. Cherries, currants, blueberries, and raspberries will all be coming on over the next two to three weeks. Should be enough berries that you won't have to eat as many vegetables.
     It is now ten o'clock and I am going to bed. Have a good week.

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