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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday May 27, 2012

     Today was a beautiful day to be outside but we had a lot of company so I spent a lot of it inside the house making cookies and basil pesto pizzas with feta cheese. The company is all gone now and my stomach is feeling a little bit too full. Funny how I continue to make poor choices when I know the results.
     We are beginning to see some drought stress on a lot of the plants in the field. We have had excellent growing conditions except for the lack of rain recently. There is a couple days of rain in the forecast this week and most farmers will welcome it. I noticed yesterday that we have fruit buds (almost blossoms) on the zucchini plants under row cover. That should mean zucchini by later in June. Peas and snap peas and snow peas are also very close but not ready for this week.
     Our tree fruit crop looks good as well. The cherry crop here looks a bit small but the plums and pears and apples all look good. I finished mowing the grass in the orchards last week and took time to walk through the trees. Most of out time is spent seeding, transplanting, and weeding the crops that are growing in the fields. Tomorrow we will transplant the last of the winter squash and pumpkins, celeriac, parsley, chard, kale, brussels sprouts, and some peanuts. I am trying to grow some peanuts this season which will be my first attempt at this crop. If they produce well we might roast some to snack on. My plan for the peanuts is to sell them as a vegetable protein food; kind of like edamame or green soybeans. I do not know if I can grow them or if I can sell them or if anybody eats them but I'll know after this year. I'm growing edamame again as well; they grow well here and are quite well liked.
     I had several positive comments about the recipes from Selah Koile in last weeks newsletter. That should continue this week but they will likely be emailed in a couple days. Once it is set up we will just include a link to the recipes in the newsletter so you do not receive to many irritating emails from us.
     Have a good week.        ted

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