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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

     I see that it has been exactly sixteen days since I sent a newsletter. Even though I feel desperate guilty about this I know people will understand because it is spring and we are really busy. I still have sufficient rutabagas left in storage to force them on everyone for a couple more months but that is not the business plan that is evolving in my little mind. We are in the process of growing many new crops which should be ready very soon. I am expecting various salad greens, spring radishes, spring hakurei turnips, russian kale, and baby pac choi in the next couple of weeks. 
     I have been operating the farm with only one employee through the winter until last week. There are now five of us working which will make a big difference. I really needed more employees over a month ago but I knew that these more experienced people were coming back so I chose to wait instead of hiring the unknown. As the spring continues more employees will join us. It looks like we will have a great group of people on the farm this season which makes me (and Debra) quite happy. I have actually had to say "no" to several people who applied for work here this summer which is unusual. There is much more interest in this type and scale of farming now than there was in the past. That is good.
     For those customers who pick up their CSA in Halifax, please sign the checkoff sheet at local source when you pick up your box. It helps us track things and saves me time.  Time is pretty valuable right now. 
     Have a good week.      ted
p.s.  if you check your balance and notice it's getting low, fire us off an email saying you want to renew (or not), this saves me asking you!

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